Bacteria IllustrationMicrobiology draws on and is relevant to the fields of biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, developmental biology, pathogenesis, ecology and evolution. UC Berkeley's Graduate program provides students with the education and research experience needed to develop as top scientists and researchers in the field.

The Department of Plant and Microbial Biology administers the Graduate Group in Microbiology. Many members of the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology belong to the Graduate Group in Microbiology, along with faculty in Molecular and Cellular Biology, the School of Public Health, and the Departments of Chemistry, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Environmental Science, Policy and Management. Our multi-disciplinary approach is rich, unique and varied. The Graduate Group offers a two semester "core course" for graduate training in microbiology in addition to a diverse set of graduate seminars.

Graduate Program Details

For an in-depth review of the entire program, please visit GGM program on this web site.

Student Group

Graduate students in the program maintain an active and involved Student Group, the Microbiology Student Group. For more information see their website at nature.berkeley.edu/calmicro/

Financial Assistance

Chloroplasts surround a nucleus and extend thin projections, called stromulesThe Department provides support for all students for five years, paying fees and a yearly stipend of approximately $32,500. Out-of-state tuition is paid for the first year only; students are expected to become California residents after the first year. During the second year, the Department supports students as Graduate Student Researchers (who carry out specific projects in faculty laboratories) or as Graduate Student Instructors. Faculty thesis research advisors provide financial support (stipend and fees) for the final three years.

International students who hold neither dual citizenship in the United States nor Permanent Resident status cannot become residents of California. Accordingly, the students' research advisors must pay out-of-state tuition for the third through the final year.

Although we guarantee support students are encouraged to apply for all applicable fellowships to defray fees and stipends. Students automatically compete for UC Berkeley-sponsored fellowships (University Fellowship Competition) when submitting the university application. The National Science Foundation's Predoctoral Fellowship Program and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Predoctoral Fellowship Program in the Biological Sciences (with November deadlines) have served as the main sources of extramural support for graduate students in the past.

For further information, write the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program at Oak Ridge Associated Universities, P.O. Box 3010, Oak Ridge TN 37831-3010, or telephone (423) 241-3010, or e-mail nsfgrfp@orau.gov. Contact Hughes Predoctoral Fellowship Office, National Research Council, 2101 Constitution Ave., Washington DC 20418 or telephone (202) 334-2872 or e-mail infofell@nas.edu. Students who are awarded a self-initiated outside fellowship will receive a stipend bonus raising their stipend above the minimum $31,500.