A number of videos are available about the department, the classes we teach and the opportunities available. Closed captioning is available on all of our videos, simply click on CC on the lower toolbar when the video comes up.

Janet Jansson - Microbiomes

LBL Glossary Video: Microbiomes -- Did you know that the human body is more microbial than human? In this video, Lab scientist Janet Jannson defines microbiomes and what the Lab is doing to better understand the role they play in human health & the environment.

Komeili Lab - Magnetic Bacteria Videos

Steve Ruzin - Microscopy Documentary on PBS

A Conversation with Andrew Benson - hosted by Professor Bob Buchanan

The Calvin-Benson Cycle -- The cycle was discovered by Melvin Calvin, James Bassham, and Andrew Benson at the University of California, Berkeley by using the radioactive isotope carbon-14. It is one of the light-independent reactions used for carbon fixation.

Microbes After Hours - The Secret Language of Bacteria

How microbes "talk" with each other featuring Professor Steven Lindow

Fossil Fuel Bioprocessing

The process of oil recovery by Dr. John D. Coates

NSF Science 360 - Be Curious

Be Curious watch this Q&A of Researcher Damon Lisch on following your passion, and being curious

NOVA scienceNOW - From Pond Scum to Power

Interactive video from PBS NOVA on "Algae Fuel" by Professor Kris Niyogi

TWiV - This Week on Virology - Cal Bears go Viral

Podcast on Kaposi’s sarcoma associated herpesvirus and dengue virus featuring Britt Glaunsinger 

Tobacco to Biofuels

Tobacco to biofuels project featuring Peggy Lemaux, Kris Niyogi, Anastasios Melis and others.

Podcast / Webcast

Spring 2012
Instructor: Richard Malkin, Gary L. Firestone, Michael Meighan, Fyodor Urnov
Instructor: Robert L. Fischer, Jennifer C. Fletcher
Spring 2011
PMB C148 - Microbial Genomics and Genetics (cross-listed with MCB C148)
Instructor: Daniel Barsky, N. Louise Glass