Peggy Lemaux, UC BerkeleyThe Department of Plant & Microbial Biology provides a unique public education program as part of the California Cooperative Extension Service.

Cooperative Extension Specialist Peggy Lemaux’s laboratory performs both basic and applied research focused primarily on cereal crops, like sorghum, wheat, rice and barley. The objectives of these studies are to better understand crop plants and to use that knowledge to improve their performance and quality. More recently efforts with colleagues in PMB, LBNL and the University of Kentucky have extended to the installation of algal genes into tobacco to produce advanced hydrocarbon fuels. In addition Lemaux is involved in the development of a variety of educational resources on food and agriculture that are disseminated to professionals, the media and consumers. These resources include middle school afterschool curricula, educational displays and games, videos and fact sheets and often involve the participation of departmental graduate students and postdocs.

In addition to operating her own research lab, Lemaux also performs many speaking engagements and public education programs. She maintains a website, ucbiotech.org, devoted to educational resources focused broadly on issues related to agriculture, crops, animals, foods and the technologies used to improve them. The site features:

  • Biotechnology Information
  • Resources for Researchers and Educators
  • Helpful Links
  • Scientific Database
  • Resources
  • Biotechnology News

Honors and awards

  • President of the American Society of Plant Biologists - 2013
  • Society for In Vitro Biology 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award - Society for In Vitro Biology - 2010
  • Fellow - Crop Science Society of America - 2007
  • Distinguished Service Award, Outstanding Outreach - Cooperative Extension Academic Assembly Council, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources - 2006
  • Dennis R. Hoagland Award for outstanding contribution to agricultural research - American Society of Plant Biologists - 2003
  • Fellow - American Association for the Advancement of Science - 2002
  • Distinguished Service Award, Outstanding Research - Cooperative Extension Academic Assembly Council, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources - 1997
  • Honored Women of the University of California, Berkeley - UC Berkeley - 1995

Recent Teaching

  • 99 - Supervised Independent Study and Research
  • H196 - Honors Research
  • 199 - Supervised Independent Study