Michael Freeling
Michael R. Freeling
Evolutionary History of Plants
311 Koshland Hall
Berkeley, California 94720
Phone 510.642.8058
Lab Phone 510.642.8058

The Freeling lab investigates two research areas, corresponding to its two PIs. Freeling attempts to use plant comparative genomics to test evolutionary hypotheses, and often focuses on conserved noncoding sequences. Occasionally, Freeling and Lisch collaborate where transposability meets evolution.


The Freeling lab is funded by grants from the National Science Foundation  through 2013, and these will be renewed.

Freeling currently teaches PMB13, Genetic Revolutions, each Spring semester. This is a nonmajors course in genetics. While light on scientific facts it is intellectually challenging.

Damon Lisch is a professional researcher and PI in the Freeling lab. He leads projects in the epigenetics of gene silencing and grass transposon biology.

Honors and Awards

Member - National Academy of Sciences - 1994