Professor John D. Coates
John D. Coates
Bioremediation and Pollution Clean-Up
Professor of Microbiology
271 Koshland Hall # 3102
Berkeley, California 94720-3102
Phone 510.643.8455
Lab Phone 510.642.4972
Fax 510.642.4995

PhD  Microbiology    University College Galway, Ireland, 1991
B.Sc.   Biotechnology    Dublin City University, 1986

Curriculum Vitae

The Coates Lab focuses on environmental microbiology: applied microbiology and bioremediation. We investigate removal of radioactive toxic metals, carcinogenic petroleum-based hydrocarbon contaminants, and toxic munitions byproducts from the environment. Recently, we identified dominant groups of bacteria that can transform perchlorate wastes into innocuous chloride, isolated and characterized more than 40 such bacteria, and identified the common biochemical pathway and genetic systems involved.


Environmental microbiology encompassing the fields of bioremediation, alternative energy production, and biogeochemistry.

Recent Teaching

C116 - Microbial Diversity 
199 - Supervised Independent Study
C216 - Microbial Diversity Workshop
220E - Microbial Physiology
299 - Graduate Research