Chris R. Somerville
Chris R. Somerville
Biofuels, Polysaccharides, Industrial Microbiology
Philomathia Professor of Alternative Energy and EBI Director
Energy Biosciences Building, 2151 Berkeley Way
Berkeley, California 94720
Phone 510.643.6265
Lab Phone 510.642.1487
Fax 510.642.4995

PhD  Genetics    University of Alberta, 1978
B.Sc.   Mathematics    University of Alberta, 1974



The research program in my lab has been largely directed toward understanding how plant cell wall polysaccharides are synthesized, how the structures relate to the functions of the cell wall, and how the system is regulated. I envision that knowledge of cell wall structure and function will facilitate the development of plants with improved utility as sources of renewable materials such as paper and cellulose nanocrystals, and as biofuel feedstocks.

A major focus of work in the lab is in understanding how cellulose is made. We have developed plants in which cellulose synthase is modified in various ways that facilitate functional studies. One type of modification is the addition of yellow fluorescent protein to subunits of the complex. This allows imaging of the complexes in live cells. We have used this capability to show that an interaction between cellulose synthase and cortical microtubules controls the orientation of cellulose deposition. We are engaged in understanding what regulates the amount of cellulose and the properties of cellulose microfibrils (eg., length and diameter). We have also developed plants that express cellulose synthases with other modifications that will facilitate structural studies of isolated complexes.

I am also interested in some aspects of how fungi O-glycosylate proteins and the role that O-glycosylation plays in protein secretion and function. I also have a long-term interest in the potential for using CAM plants grown in arid environments as sources of biomaterials and chemicals.

Recent Publications

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Honors and Awards

Presidential Green Chemistry Award (2010)
American Chemical Society Sterling B. Hendricks Memorial Lectureship Award (2010)
Balzan Prize - Fondazione Internationale Balzan - 2007
Fellow - American Society of Plant Biologist - 2007
D.Sc. - Guelph University - 2006

Mendel Medal - Genetics Society - 2004

Hopkins Medal - Biochemical Society - 2004

Elected fellow - Academia Europa - 2002

Kuhmo Award - International Plant Molecular Biology Society - 2001

D.Sc. - Wageningen University - 1998

D.Sc. - University of Alberta - 1997

Elected member - US National Academy of Sciences - 1996

D.Sc. - Queens University - 1993

Elected Fellow - Royal Society of Canada - 1993

Gibbs Medal - American Society of Plant Biologists - 1993

Elected Fellow - Royal Society of London - 1991

Schull Award - American Society of Plant Biologists - 1987