Dr. Cheryl A. Kerfeld
Cheryl A. Kerfeld
Structural Biology
Adjunct Associate Professor
1 Cyclotron Road, Mailstop 64-R0121
Berkeley, California 94720
Phone 510.486.6078
Lab Phone 510.486.6846
Fax 510.642.4995

PhD  Structural Biology    University of California, Los Angeles
B.A.   Biology and English    University of Minnesota

Dr. Kerfeld's campus address:

Department of Plant & Microbial Biology
111 Koshland Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720


Structural and functional characterization of bacterial microcompartments and of proteins involved in photoprotection in photosynthetic organisms.

Selected Publications

Erbilgin, O.,   McDonald, K., and Kerfeld, C.A.  Functional Characterization of a Novel Bacterial Microcompartment in the PlanctomycetesApplied and Environmental Microbiology 80:2193-2205, 2014.

Shih, P.M., Zarzycki, J.,  Niyogi, K.K. and Kerfeld, C.A.  Introduction of a Synthetic CO2-Fixing Photorespiratory Bypass into a Cyanobacterium. Journal of Biological Chemistry 288: 16055-16063, 2014.

Lassila, J.K., Bernstein, S.L., Axen S.D., Kinney J.N. and Kerfeld, C.A.  Assembly of Robust Bacterial Microcompartment Shells using Building Blocks from an Organelle of Unknown Function. Journal of  Molecular Biology 426: 2217-2228, 2014.

Leverenz,R.L., Jallet, D., Li,M., Mathies, R.A.,  Kirilovsky, D. and Kerfeld, C.A. Structural and Functional Modularity of the Orange Carotenoid Protein:  Distinct  Roles for  the N- and C-terminal  Domains in Cyanobacterial Photoprotection. The Plant Cell 26: 426-437 (2014).

Matzke, N.J.,  Shih, P.M. and Kerfeld, C.A.  Bayesian Analysis of Congruence of Core Genes in Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus and Implications on Horizontal Gene Transfer.  PLOSOne 9(1): e85103, 2014. 

Appel, A.,  Bocarsly, A., Bercaw, J., Dobbek, H.,  Dupuis, M.,  DuBois, D.J., Ferry, J.G., Fujita, E., Hille, R.,  Kenis, P.J.A., Kerfeld, C.A.,  Morris, R., Peden, C., Portis, A.,  Ragsdale, S., Rauchfuss,T.B.,  Reek, J.N.H.,  Seefeldt, L., Thauer, R., Waldrop, G. Frontiers, Opportunities, and Challenges in Biochemical and Chemical Catalysis of CO2Chemical Reviews in press.

Kerfeld, C.A.  and Kirilovsky, D.  Structure, Function and Evolution of OCP-based Photoprotection in Cyanobacteria. Genomics of Cyanobacteria, eds., Franck Chauvat and Corrine Cassier-Chauvat.  In press.

Cameron, J.C., Wilson, S.C., Bernstein, S.L. and Kerfeld, C.A.  Biogenesis of a bacterial organelle:  The Carboxysome assembly pathway.  Cell 155:1131-40 (2013).

Zarzycki, J. and Kerfeld, C.A.  The Crystal Structures of tri-functional Chlorofexus aurantiacus and bi-functionalRhodobacter sphaeroides Malyl-CoA Lyases and Comparison with CitE-like superfamily enzymes and Malate Synthases. BMC Structural Biology 13(1):28 (2013).

Sutter, M.,  Wilson, S.C., Deutsch, S. and  Kerfeld, C.A.  Two new high-resolution crystal structures of carboxysome pentamer proteins reveal high structural conservation of CcmL orthologs among distantly related cyanobacterial species. Photosynthesis Research 118:9-16 (2013).

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Cai, F., Axen, S. and Kerfeld, C.A. Evidence for the widespread CRISPR-Cas immunity system in the phylumCyanobacteria.   RNA Biology 10: 687-693, 2013.

Kirilovsky, D. and  Kerfeld, C.A. The Orange Carotenoid Protein: A blue-green light photoactive protein.  Photochemistry and Photobiology 12:1135-1143, 2013.

Sutter, M., Wilson, A., Leverenz, R., Lopez-Igual, R., Thurotte, A., Salmeen, A., Kirilovsky, D and Kerfeld, C.A. Crystal structure of the FRP and identification of the active site for modulation of OCP-mediated photoprotection in cyanobacteria.Proceedings of the National Academy of  Sciences, USA 110: 10022-10027, 2013. 

Leikoski, N., Liu, L., Jokela, J., Wahlsten, M., Gugger, M.,  Kerfeld, C.A, Calteau, A.,  Permi, P., Sivonen, K. and Fewer, D.P.  Genome mining expands the chemical diversity of the cyanobactin family to include highly modified linear peptides. Chemistry and Biology 20:1033-1043, 2013

Cai, F., Sutter, M., Cameron, J, Stanley, D and Kerfeld, C.A.  Tandem BMC-domain proteins of carboxysomes form a subcompartment within a microcompartment.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 288:16055-16063, 2013.

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