Professor Bob Buchanan
Bob B. Buchanan
Redox Regulation in Microorganisms, Cereal Improvement
Professor Emeritus
411 Koshland Hall
Berkeley, California 94720-3102
Phone 510.642.3590
Lab Phone 510.642.9799

B.A.    Emory and Henry College, 1958
Ph.D.  Microbiology, Duke University, 1962
Postdoctoral   University of California at Berkeley, 1962-63


Principal Scientific Contributions

  Identification of a new Actinomyces species
Buchanan, B.B., and Pine, L. (1962) Characterization of a propionic acid producing actinomycete, Actinomyces propionicus, sp. nov. J. Gen. Microbiol. 28, 305-323.
The organism, originally isolated from a case of lachrymal canaliculitis, was reclassified as Propionibacterium propionicus and later found by others to infect the middle ear and chest.
Ferredoxin-linked CO2 fixation and reverse citric acid cycle in bacteria
Bachofen, R., Buchanan, B.B. and Arnon, D.I. (1964) Ferredoxin as a reductant in pyruvate synthesis by a bacterial extract. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 51, 690-694.
Evans, M.C.W., Buchanan, B.B. and Arnon, D.I. (1966) A new ferredoxin-dependent carbon reduction cycle in a photosynthetic bacterium. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 55, 928-934.
Redox regulation and the ferredoxin/thioredoxin system
Buchanan, B.B., Kalberer, P.P. and Arnon, D.I. (1967) Ferredoxin-activated fructose diphosphatase in isolated chloroplasts. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 29, 74-79.
Wolosiuk, R.A. and Buchanan, B.B. (1977) Thioredoxin and glutathione regulate photosynthesis in chloroplasts. Nature 266, 565-567.

Role of thioredoxin in regulating seed germination
Kobrehel, K., Wong, J.H., Balogh, A., Kiss, F., Yee, B.C. and Buchanan, B.B. (1992) Specific reduction of wheat storage proteins by thioredoxin h. Plant Physiol. 99, 919-924.

Thioredoxin as a tool in biotechnology
Buchanan, B.B., Adamidi, C., Lozano, R.M., Yee, B.C., Momma, M., Kobrehel, K., Ermel, R. and Frick, O.L. (1997) Thioredoxin-linked mitigation of allergic responses to wheat. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sc.i USA. 94, 5372-5377.
Cho, M.-J., Wong, J.H., Marx, C., Jiang, W., Lemaux, P.G. and Buchanan, B.B. (1999) Overexpression of thioredoxin h leads to enhanced activity of starch debranching enzyme (pullulanase) in barley grain. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 96, 14641-14646.

Current Research Topics and Collaborators

Specific Topics
My current research focuses on thioredoxin and is carried out collaboratively. We study (1) The diversity of thioredoxin and its role in redox regulation, emphasizing anaerobic archaea and bacteria as well as oxygenic photosynthetic prokaryotes, and (2) Applying thioredoxin to improve the quality and yield of cereals.
Thioredoxin (Trx) is a disulfide protein found in all types of living cells. Discovered as an electron donor for ribonucleotide reductase, Trx has since been found to play a regulatory role in a spectrum of processes throughout biology. The protein is also finding a place in medicine and biotechnology.
  • Diversity of Trx systems with an emphasis on their role in anaerobic archaea and bacteria and oxygenic photosynthetic prokaryotes.

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I have also recently collaborated with Professor Andrew Benson on producing a video on the historic photosynthesis experiments he carried out in Berkeley in the 1940's and 50's with the late Melvin Calvin. Link to Andrew Benson Video.

Recent publications

For a complete list of publications please consult my CV.

Honors & Awards

  Berkeley Citation - 2013
  Lifetime Achievement Award - Rebeiz Foundation, 2012
  Honorary Member - Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists, 2009
  Honorary Professor - Nanging University, 2009
  Humboldt Research Award - Alexander von Humboldt Foundation - 2007
  Career Achievement Award - College of Natural Resources - 2007
  Honorary Professor - Henan Agricultural University - Zhengzhou, China - 2007
  Fellow - American Society of Plant Biologists - 2007
  Fellow - American Academy of Microbiology – 2006
  The Stephen Hales Prize - American Society of Plant Biologists - 2005
  The William and Martha DeFriece Award - Emory and Henry College - 2005
   Who’s Who in America - Marquis - 2004
   Book Award - Association Trends - 2001
   Silver Book Award - Society of National Association Publications - 2001
   Bob B. Buchanan Annual Lecture - Dept. of Plant & Microbial Biology - 2000
   Distinguished Achievement Award - Emory & Henry College - 2000
   Charles F. Kettering Award for Excellence in Photosynthesis - American Society of Plant
          Biologists (formerly Plant Physiologists) - 1998
   Fellow - American Association for the Advancement of Science - 1997
   Fellow - American Academy of Arts and Sciences - 1997
   Member - National Academy of Sciences - 1995
   Bessenyei Medal - György Bessenyei College/Hungarian Ministry of Education - 1987
   Fellowship - Organisation de Cooperation et Developpement Economiques - 1986
   Senior Scientist Award - National Science Foundation - 1984
   Special Creativity Award - National Science Foundation - 1982
   Fellowship - Guggenheim Foundation - 1974
   Fellowship - National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral - 1962
   Fellowship - National Institutes of Health Predoctoral - 1960
   Fellowship - Duke University – 1958-59