PMB Seminars - 2013

The department hosts a number of seminars throughout the year, offering talks on current research by national and international visitors, faculty, students and post docs.
Information about seminars for Fall 2013:
PMB Seminars Fall 2013 - Click to generate PDF or see below for a current list of seminar speakers for both plant and microbiology.
PGEC Seminars Fall 2013 - Click to visit the Plant Gene Expression Center Seminar Calendar.
PMB Student and Postdoc Seminars - A seminar series sponsored by grad students and postdocs in the departmet.
EBI Seminars Energy Biosciences Instute website.

PMB Seminars Fall 2013

All seminars are from noon to 1 PM at 101 Barker Hall, UC Berkeley, unless otherwise noted.

(M) = Micro
(P) = Plant

DateSpeaker / Affiliation / TitleHost

Brandon Gaut (P)
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology  |  University of California, Irvine
“Methylation and the Evolution of Plant Genes and Genomes"

Daniel Zilberman
09/04Jared Leadbetter (M)
Environmental Microbiology  |  California Institute of Technology
"New Insights into Termite Hindgut Microbial Communities"
Michi Taga
09/11John Harada (P)
Plant Biology  |  University of California, Davis
“Dissection of Seed Development"
Robert Fischer
09/18Colleen Hansel (M)
Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry  |  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
"Microbial and Geochemical Cooperation in the Cycling and Mineralization of Manganese by Reactive Oxygen Species"
John Coates
09/25Robert Fischer (P)
Plant & Microbial Biology  |  University of California, Berkeley
"Function of DNA Demethylation in Plant Reproduction"
10/02Nels Elde (M)
Human Genetics   |   University of Utah
"Molecular Arms Races Between Primates and Pathogens"
Britt Glaunsinger
10/09Olaf Kruse (P)
Biology  |  Center for Biotechnology  |  Bielefeld University, Germany
“Microalgae- Powerful Phototrophic Tools in Molecular Biotechnology”
Tasios Melis
10/16Thomas Bernhardt (M)
Microbiology & Immunobiology  |  Harvard University
"The ABCs of Bacterial Cell Division and Cell Wall Biogenesis"
Kathleen Ryan
10/23Wolf B. Frommer (P)
Plant Biology  |  Carnegie Institution for Science  |  Stanford University
"Novel Approaches for Visualization of Transport Processes in Vivo"
Brian Staskawicz
Joseph Spatafora (M)
Botany & Plant Pathology  |  Oregon State University
"Phylogenomics of Fungal Secondary Metabolism"
Tom Bruns
Agricultural Research Service  |  US Department of Agriculture
Tsujimoto Lecture
"The Next Commodity Soybean: Fundamental Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Applied to the Development of Soybeans with Improved Functional Oil Profiles"
* Reception to follow in 338 Kohsland Hall
Graduate Students

Anne Pringle (M)
Organismic & Evolutionary Biology  |  Harvard University
"Life and Death in a Petersham Cemetery: 
The Demography and Dispersal of Apparently Immobile, Symbiotic Fungi"

Tom Bruns
Jean-Pierre Jacquot (P)
Plant Biology | Universite de Lorraine France
The Bob B. Buchanan Celebration
"Connections between redox regulation and iron metabolism"
Bob Buchanan
Plant Biology  | Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen
The Bob B. Buchanan Celebration 
"Protein Voyages: From Ribosomes to Organelles"
Bob Buchanan
James Anderson (M)
Cell & Systems Biology  |  University of Toronto
Taylor-White Lecture
"Architecture of Microevolutionary Change in Fungal Populations"
John Taylor


Postdoc/Student Seminars

DateSpeaker / Status / TitleLab
9/23Mikel Shybut
Graduate Student
"Different Folks, Same Strokes: Global Xanthomonas Isolates Shae TAL Effectors with Common Cassava Gene Targets"
Staskawicz Lab
9/23Bubba Brooks
Graduate Student
"Microbes in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit are also found in the gut of premature infants"
Banfield Lab
10/21Stephen C. Smith
Graduate Student
Ryan Lab
10/21Stephen C. Smith
Graduate Student
Ryan Lab
11/4Stephanie Porter
"Selection for Cheating in the legume-rhizobium mutualism"
Simms Lab
11/4Sam Diaz-Munoz
"Ecology and Behavior of Pseudomonas Syringe Phages"
Lindow Lab
11/18Jake Brunkard
Graduate Student
"Chloroplasts Regulate Plant Intercellular Transport"
Zambryski Lab
11/18Claire Bendix
Graduate Student
"GIGANTEA and the maize circadian clock"
Harmon Lab
12/9Sara Branco
"Population genomics of Suillus brevipes"
Bruns/Taylor Lab
12/9Jens Heller
Glass Lab

Plant Gene Expression Center Seminars

The Plant Gene Expression Center hosts seminars throughout the year. The schedule can be found at the PGEC website.

Special Seminars, Endowed Lectures

The department hosts several seminars and endowed lectures throughout the academic year. Endowed lectures are paid for with private funds invested and held by the Regents of the University. The Daniel I. Arnon Lecture was established with resources from the Charles F. Kettering Foundation. The endowment also supports graduate students who are designated Arnon Fellows. The Bob B. Buchanan and Harry Tsujimoto Lectures were established with a generous gift from the K/T Foundation of San Francisco. The Taylor-White Lecture is the result of a collaboration of longtime colleagues.

Arnon Lecture

The Arnon Lecture honors the late Professor Daniel I. Arnon (1910-1994). Arnon spent his career at Berkeley, obtaining his Ph.D. in plant nutrition with Dennis R. Hoagland and later joining the faculty. He is best known for his pioneering research in the fields of photosynthesis and plant nutrition. His career is recounted in a memoir written for the National Academy of Sciences. The lecture is held annually during Spring Semester. Speakers have made distinguished contributions to photosynthesis or a related field and are selected by the Arnon Lecture Committee. 

Arnon Lectures
2000Paul D. Boyer2001George H. Lorimer
2002Bob B. Buchanan2003Jan M. Anderson
2004*Jean-David Rochaix2004*F.R. Whatley
2005Joanne Chory2006William A. Cramer
2007Achim Trebst2008James Barber
2009Elisabeth Gantt2010Arnon Centennial Symposium at Asilomar**
2011Jürgen Soll2012Don Bryant
2013Mark Stitt  
* Two lectures held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of photophosphorylation
** No lecturer chosen this year
Buchanan Lecture

The Bob. B. Buchanan Lecture honors Professor Bob B. Buchanan, a longtime faculty member in the department, who also serves as Executive Associate Dean of the College of Natural Resources. Professor Buchanan did undergraduate work at Emory and Henry College and obtained a Ph.D. in Microbiology from Duke University. After completing postdoctoral research with the late Professor Jesse C. Rabinowitz in the Department of Biochemistry, Buchanan joined the UC Berkeley faculty in 1963. He is known for his contributions to microbiology, photosynthesis and plant biochemistry.

Speakers are typically young investigators on the way to achieving prominence in plant biology. They are selected by postdoctoral scholars in the Department of Plant & Microbial Biology.

Buchanan Lectures
2001Peter Schrümann2001Kenneth Cline
2002Henry Daniell2003Julian Schroeder
2005Jim Carrington2005Steve Kay
2007Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar2008Jen Sheen
2009Steve Jacobsen2010Dominique Bergmann
2011Xuemei Chen2012Cyril Zipfel
2013Thomas Lahaye  
Taylor-White Lecture

Our newest endowed lecture will debut in Fall Semester, 2013. It was planned when Dr. White was the Regents’ Lecturer for the Berkeley Campus, Fall Semester 2012 - Spring Semester 2013. It commemorates a scientific collaboration spanning three decades between Dr. White and Professor John Taylor of PMB.

White and Taylor began their collaboration on fungal molecular evolution in 1982 when Taylor invited White to an informal seminar in the Botany Department on the Berkeley campus to present his Cetus Corporation research on fungal enzymes that convert plant cell walls to sugar.  Following that meeting, they used a cloned fungal ribosomal DNA to show that fungi were not close relatives of red algae (Kwok et al. 1986); a modest accomplishment, but one of the first efforts to apply molecular evolution to fungi. Read more about the Taylor-White Collaboration

Taylor-White Lectures
2012Regents Lecture
Tsujimoto Lecture

The Tsujimoto Lecture honors Harry Y. Tsujimoto, an accomplished former Berkeley staff member. He did undergraduate work at Cornell University and obtained an M.S. in plant nutrition from UC Berkeley. Daniel Arnon was his thesis advisor. Tsujimoto spent 25 years as a member of the Arnon research group where he participated in major discoveries on photophosphorylation and ferredoxin. Graduate students select the speaker, a recognized individual in plant biology or microbial biology.

Tsujimoto Lectures
2001Christine Foyer2002Jen Sheen
2002Kelly Dawe2003Rob Martienssen
2004Massimo Pigliucci2005Luca Comai
2007Craig Pikaard2007Brandon Gaut
2009Elizabeth Arnold2010Mary Rumpho
2010Nicolas Money2011Patrick Keeling
2012Joseph Thornton2013Kristin Bilyeu


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