UC Berkeley Mourns the Loss of Professor Emerita Sydney Kustu

Remembrance Gathering Set for 4 pm Friday, May 2, Alumni House, UC Berkeley

Associate Professor Mary Wildermuth. Photo Credit: Peg Skorpinski

Starving Out the Enemy

Mary Wildermuth's Research Combats Mildew Attacks

Rice Field in China

A Win-Win for Farmers and the Environment

PMB Researchers Explore Ways to Reduce the Use of Fertilizers

Peter Kennedy

Seminar with Peter Kennedy, University of Minnesota

"Ectomycorrhizal specificity and functioning in a global tri-partite symbiosis"

Fourth Bay Area Symposium on Viruses

4th Annual Bay Area Symposium on Viruses | May 30, 2014

The Symposium includes invited short talks from industry scientists and networking opportunities!

cal day logo

PMB @ Cal Day | Saturday, April 12, 2014

Food, Fun, Fungus and So Much More!

Speakers: Christopher Marx and Manuela Raffatellu

15th Annual Microbiology Student Symposium

Featuring research presentations by graduate students, keynote speakers, and a cash prize poster session

Ben Hankamer with Algae

Special Seminar with Ben Hankamer, University of Queensland - 3/11

"Toward High-Efficiency Microalgal Biofuel Systems"

Magnetotactic Bacteria

Berkeley Research Team Awarded $1 Million Grant

Endowing Cells With a Magnetic Personality

Hydrothermal Vent

Key Process in Photosynthesis Likely Evolved Before Oxygen

Discovery opens up new areas of microbiology and evolutionary biology