Seminar: Julia Bailey-Serres, UC Riverside 4.9.14

"Surviving the flood: Mechanisms of low oxygen sensing and response in plants"

Bacillus subtilis

Seminar featuring John Helmann, Cornell University - 04/02

​"Acclimation and Adaptation to Antibiotics: Lessons from Bacillus subtilis"

Caroline Dean

Seminar: Caroline Dean,Cell and Developmental Biology

"Chromatin and Antisense Transcript Dynamics Underlying Quantitative Gene Regulation"

Fluorescent Ecoli

Han Lim Seminar -- March 12, 2014

"Why Do Bacteria Regulate Gene Expression Using Non-coding RNAs?"

Robert Blankenship

The Arnon Lecture: Robert Blankenship, Washington University in St. Louis - 03/05

"Mass spectrometric studies of photosynthetic membrane architecture"

Roberto Kolter

Seminar on 2.26.14 features Roberto Kolter, Harvard

"Chemical Ecology of Microbial Interspecies Interactions"

Siobhan Brady

Seminar: Siobhan Brady, UC Davis - 02/19

"Getting to the root of things: root development in Arabidopsis thaliana and tomato"

Chris Sullivan

Seminar: Chris Sullivan, University of Texas at Austin - 02/12

"RNAi in Viral Infection: Friend or Foe?"

Kelly Craven

The Buchanan Lecture: Kelly Craven, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation - 2.5.14

"Plant-microbe symbiosis for improved crop performance in the wake of depleting resources"

Caroline Harwood

Caroline Harwood, University of Washington - 1.29.14

Seminar: "How do Bacteria Sense Surfaces?"