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PMB @ Cal Day | Saturday, April 12, 2014

Food, Fun, Fungus and so Much More

UC Berkeley Mourns the Loss of Professor Emerita Sydney Kustu

Remembrance Gathering Set for 4 pm Friday, May 2, Alumni House, UC Berkeley

Speakers: Christopher Marx and Manuela Raffatellu

15th Annual Microbiology Student Symposium

Featuring research presentations by graduate students, keynote speakers, and a cash prize poster session

Ben Hankamer with Algae

Special Seminar with Ben Hankamer, University of Queensland - 3/11

"Toward High-Efficiency Microalgal Biofuel Systems"

Magnetotactic Bacteria

Berkeley Research Team Awarded $1 Million Grant

Endowing Cells With a Magnetic Personality

Hydrothermal Vent

Key Process in Photosynthesis Likely Evolved Before Oxygen

Discovery opens up new areas of microbiology and evolutionary biology

James B. Anderson

Video: 2013 Taylor-White Lecture with James B. Anderson

"Architecture of Microevolutionary Change in Fungal Populations"

Student/Postdoc Seminar Series - February 24

“Determining Genomic Locations and Epigentic States of Transposon insertions in Maize by Using Illumina Sequencing” and "The Search for Temperature Signaling Genes in the Plant Circadian Clock”

dominique loque

Local Talent Seminar Series - Dominique Loque - 4.21.14

"Use of Synthetic Biology to Improve Bioenergy Crops"

Ming Hammond

Local Talent Seminar Series - Ming Hammond

"Discovery and Application of a Natural Riboswitch for the Bacterial Second Messenger Cyclic AMP-GMP"