Markus Pauly Lab Awarded Genetic Feed Stock Grant

Discovering potential energy yields for biofuels

PMB Represents with Venture Capitalists

Associate Professor Mary Wildermuth describes fundamental discoveries

Berkeley Professor Wins International Award

Jay Keasling, Member of Graduate Group in Microbiology

Rachel Brem

Rachel Brem Seminar 5.7.14 | Noon | 101 Barker Hall

 "Pathway Regulatory Evolution in Fungi"

Sydney Kustu, Microbiologist, 71

Remembrance Gathering: 4 pm, May 2, 2014, Alumni House, UC Berkeley

Jeremy Roop, Israel Figueroa, and Anne Runkel

Recognizing Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors

Jeremy Roop, Anne Runkel and Israel Figueroa

Margaret McFall-Ngai

Margaret McFall-Ngai, University of Wisconsin | 4.30.14

"Discovering the Mechanisms Underlying Symbioses: Exploration of the Frontier Using Model Systems"


Seminar with Andreas Weber, Universität Düsseldorf | 4.23.14

"3to4 - a blueprint for C4 photosynthesis derived from comparative evolutionary transcriptomics"

Fourth Bay Area Symposium on Viruses

4th Annual Bay Area Symposium on Viruses | May 30, 2014

Academic and industry speakers; networking opportunities