Associate Professor Mary Wildermuth. Photo Credit: Peg Skorpinski

Starving Out the Enemy

Mary Wildermuth's research combats mildew attacks

Rice Field in China

A Win-Win for Farmers and the Environment

PMB Researchers explore ways to reduce the use of fertilizers

Markus Pauly Lab Awarded Genetic Feed Stock Grant

Discovering potential energy yields for biofuels

Poster Prize Winners with PMB Chair N. Louise Glass

PMB Retreat 2014 at Asilomar

Poster Prizes, Amazing Presentations and Photographs

Prof Melis

PMB Professor Awarded Patent

Photosynthesis for Fuel and Chemicals Production

Berkeley Professor Wins International Award

Jay Keasling, Member of Graduate Group in Microbiology

Rachel Brem

Rachel Brem Seminar 5.7.14 | Noon | 101 Barker Hall

 "Pathway Regulatory Evolution in Fungi"

Sydney Kustu, Microbiologist, 71

Remembrance Gathering: 4 pm, May 2, 2014, Alumni House, UC Berkeley

Jeremy Roop, Israel Figueroa, and Anne Runkel

Recognizing Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors

Jeremy Roop, Anne Runkel and Israel Figueroa