Giardia Flagella

CNR Purchases Powerful New Microscope

Technology best of its kind on campus

Evolution Expo 2014

PMB researchers engage kids in scientific exploration

Two Grad Students Named Arnon Fellows 2014

Tyler Helmann and Adam Adair conduct plant research

Devin Coleman-Derr

New Researcher at PGEC

Devin Coleman-Derr, former PMB grad student,  joins Plant Gene Expression Center


MAD Science - Understanding Cellular Signaling

"Acceleration without restraint" can be disastrous

Associate Professor Mary Wildermuth. Photo Credit: Peg Skorpinski

Starving Out the Enemy

Mary Wildermuth's research combats mildew attacks

Rice Field in China

A Win-Win for Farmers and the Environment

PMB Researchers explore ways to reduce the use of fertilizers

N. Louise Glass Genetics Award

Prize for Significant Impact in her Field

Berkeley Professor Wins International Award

Jay Keasling, Member of Graduate Group in Microbiology