Student Groups

Plant and Microbiology Student Groups

Microbiology Graduate Student Group

Plant Graduate Student Group

Both groups together elect officers for the academic year.

Officers for the 2012-13 academic year are:

President: James Anderson-Ferguson
Treasurer: Allison Schwarz

Admissions: Onur Erbilgin (micro), Adam Steinbrenner (plant)
Graduate Assembly Representative: Mikel Shybut
Faculty Meeting Representative: Emma Abernathy (micro), Jake Brunkard (plant)

Monday Research Talks: Jessica Rodrigues, Rose Kantor, Anne Runkel
Retreat Committee: Sara Sirivanchai, Onur Erbilgin
Tsujimoto lecture: Robbie Calderon
Social Chairs: Onur Erbilgin (emeritus), Susan Hepp, Pat Brown, David Hershey

Seminar Lunch Hosts: Greg Matthews, Bubba Brooks, Prajit Limsirichai, Tom Kleist

The officers for the 2012-2013 Microbial Biology Graduate Student Group are:

President/CEO: Emma Abernathy
Treasurer/CFO: Nicole Abreu
Symposium Chair: Bubba Brooks
Symposium Co-Chair: Mikel Shybut
Social Chair: Susan Hepp

In addition to sharing similar interests, research findings and social activities, the groups also play a strong departmental role, interacting with seminar speakers and providing input to the Graduate Program in Plant & Microbial Biology.