Student Groups

Plant and Microbiology Student Groups

Microbiology Graduate Student Group

Plant Graduate Student Group

Both groups together elect officers for the academic year.

Officers for the 2014-15 academic year are:

PMB Student Group Chair
Mikel Shybut
Micro Student Group President
Susan Hepp
Treasurer/GA External Affairs VP
Iman Sylvain
Graduate Assembly reps
Angus Vajk, Emma Kovak (alternate)
Faculty reps
Onur Erbilgin (Micro), Allison Schwartz (Plant)
Monika Fischer (Micro), Ben Endelman (Plant)
Seminar lunch coordinator
Gabe Rosenfield
Student/Postdoc Monday Seminars
Michael Steinwand, Chris Gee
Social Chairs
Andrew Brandon, Adam Adair
Events committee
Justin Zik
Retreat committee
Chris Hann-Soden
Tsujimoto Lecture
James Anderson-Fergeson

The officers for the 2014-2015 Microbial Biology Graduate Student Group are:

President: Susan Hepp
Treasurer: Darae Jun
Symposium Chair: Christopher Hann-Soden
Symposium Co-Chair: Emma
Webmaster: Mikel Shybut

In addition to sharing similar interests, research findings and social activities, the groups also play a strong departmental role, interacting with seminar speakers and providing input to the Graduate Program in Plant & Microbial Biology.