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PMB Founders: Robert Fischer, Richard Malkin, Anastasios Melis, Bob Buchanan, Pat Zambryski, and Peter Quail. (Photo Credit: Joshua Wong)

Our Mission is to provide an outstanding education to students, to contribute to plant and microbiology research, to serve society as a center of higher learning, by providing long-term societal benefits through transmitting advanced knowledge, by discovering new knowledge, and by functioning as an active working repository of organized knowledge. 

Our obligation, specifically, includes undergraduate education, graduate and professional education, research, and other kinds of public service, which are shaped and bounded by the central pervasive mission of discovering and advancing knowledge.

At the Department of Plant & Microbial Biology we are heavily involved in research in a variety of areas, dedicated to finding ways to enhance the productivity of plants and explore the world of microbiology for the benefit of everyone.

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Department Founders

Bob B. Buchanan
Robert Fischer
Richard Malkin
Anastasios Melis
Peter Quail
Pat Zambryski